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Moving towards MvvmCross 5.0

Tomasz Cielecki · 3 months ago

We have started the work on the next major release of MvvmCross. A lot has been planned for this release and all the tasks can be seen on GitHub Some of these tasks have already been completed and work has started on many of the others. In this blog...

    MvvmCross 4.4.0

    Tomasz Cielecki · 4 months ago

    Time for a new release of MvvmCross. Many thanks to all the contributors for this release.

    There are a few breaking changes to this release, hence the bump of version to 4.4.0. There was also a minor issue with some nuspecs, which forced us to release 4.4.1 of a few AndroidSupport packages.


      MvvmCross 4.3.0

      Tomasz Cielecki · 6 months ago

      Time for a new release of MvvmCross. Many thanks to all the contributors for this release.

      Here is a change log for all the repositories.

        MvvmCross 4.2.3

        Tomasz Cielecki · 7 months ago

        We've just released MvvmCross 4.2.3 after a short holliday break.

        Here is the list of changes between 4.2.2 and 4.2.3, the list is a bit short this time around; many of them are simple quality of life changes to the code in the repositories, such as fixing line endings on files.

        To make sure you h...

          Phasing out Silverlight

          Tomasz Cielecki · 8 months ago

          Some of you may have noticed that some projects in 4.2.1 have had their PCL profiles adjusted. We are gradually phasing out anything Silverlight.
          This will also mean that Windows Phone 8 Silverlight projects will be removed from NuGet packages in the near future.

          Abandoning Silverlight, allows us t...

            MvvmCross 4.2

            Harry ten Berge · 9 months ago

            It’s that time again - a brand new MvvmCross release!

            With over more than 40 contributions this turns out to be a very nice release.

            Changes across the board; both functionality, several bug fixes and performance improvements has made it in.

            One of the more prominent changes is `MvxTaskBasedBindi...

              MvvmCross 4.1.0

              Tomasz Cielecki · about a year ago

              As some of you might have discovered, new NuGet packages with the version number 4.1.0 are beginning to pop up.

              iOS Support Repository

              The new iOS Support repo aims to make your life easier by providing all kind of standard classes and helpers for iOS.

              In the initial version we added:

              • ViewE...

                MvvmCross 4.0 stable announcement!

                Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago1 changes

                New website and logo

                We are proud to present the new MvvmCross logo:
                alt text

                MvvmCross have switched over to for their website, blog, and documentation. All of this is part of a bigger change in the general s...

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                MvvmCross 4.0-beta8

                Kerry W. Lothrop · about a year ago1 changes

                We're getting closer to the stable 4.0 release. Yesterday, we pushed out new NuGet packages with all the changes since beta7. There have been many. We have decided to make it more clear what each NuGet package does and have abandoned the HotTuna and Cirrious from the package names and from the n...

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                MvvmCross 4.0 beta7

                Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                You might wonder why there is no beta-6. This is because last release of beta 5 something with Android support went wrong, and we had to add a beta6 for that already.

                Most important changes

                • Cleanup of code using C#6 #1182
                • Leanback project...

                  MvvmCross 4.0-beta5

                  Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago
                  • Fixed bug to set images on UI thread: commit
                  • WPF for SQLite PCL plugin #26
                  • Added methods to reload a viewmodel when coming from the background [#1...

                    MvvmCross 4.0-beta4

                    Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                    In this release we introduced the first part of a series of changes to the website, blog and documentation: the logo!
                    We've changed it for all the Nuget packages, the current blog and other communication channels. We are proud to present it here:

                    ![alt text]( "New Mvvm...

                      MvvmCross 4.0-beta3

                      Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                      The MvvmCross 4.0-beta3 is here! In this release we fixed:

                      • Support for Roslyn analyzers and fixes #1117
                      • A new SQLite-PCL plugin Plugins #1 Note: the old SQLite plugin is discontinued and...

                        Second MvvmCross 4 beta

                        Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                        This is the second beta for MvvmCross 4! In this release we fixed:

                        • Added UWP projects support #1101
                        • Improved support for 'dotnet' nugets #1089
                        • A nicer way to handle handling multiple presen...

                          First MvvmCross 4.0.0 beta release

                          Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                          We've released the first beta version of MvvmCross 4. Among the new things this release contains are:

                          • Nuget support for Visual Studio 2015
                          • Backstack handling for MvvmCross Caching Fragments
                          • New and improved samples for MvvmC...

                            New MvvmCross blog and 4.0.0 alphas!

                            Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                            Hello MvvmCross devs,

                            The team behind MvvmCross decided that an official blog, rather than Stuarts personal blog, would be
                            more suited for announcements and official statements from the team. The plan is to keep you updated
                            on changes, new features, samples and other useful things.

                            The project is ...

                              3.5.1 release

                              Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                              We've finally pushed Mvx 3.5.1 on nuget

                              Some significant changes in this release are:

                              • changes to binding strong target storage - to try to address issues with the latest Xamarin GC releases on iOS
                              • changes to Android Java naming for all views
                              • changes to Android inflation to assist with chan...

                                MvvmCross v3.5 pushed to stable

                                Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                MvvmCross v3.5 pushed to stable
                                Now that Xamarin Unified support has gone "stable" and since we've had such good positive feedback about 3.5.0-beta releases...

                                MvvmCross 3.5.0 is now also released as stable :)

                                This update was built with the stable channel - Xamarin iOS 8.6

                                The changes since 3.2 a...

                                  3.2.2 release today

                                  Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                  We've heard only good feedback about last months 3.2.2-beta1 - so we've pushed 3.2.2 to nuget and to the binaries repo as a full release today.

                                  The changes in 3.2.2 are:

                                  • Additions to LinkerPleaseInclude for Activity.Title, CheckedTextView.Switch, UILabel.AttributedText, MvxViewController.Titl...

                                    3.2.1 Released - One Windows support :)

                                    Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                    I've pushed a final attempt at 3.2.1 to nuget :)

                                    I've also made 3.2 the default branch on

                                    This build is finally out of beta as several people have now reported success with using the new Universal Project support :)

                                    If you do find issues, then please do re...

                                      3.1.1 - pushed to binaries and to nuget

                                      Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                      I've pushed 3.1.1 to nuget and to MvvmCross Binaries

                                      The complete list of changes from 3.0.14 is below.

                                      The main thing to be aware of is:

                                      MvvmCross is now on profile 158 and so now does have official Xamarin support... but no longer supports WP7

                                      The list for 3.1.2 is already forming on ...

                                        MvvmCross 3.0.14

                                        Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                        After 3 betas, I've now pushed 3.0.14 to nuget and to the binary repo :)

                                        This is probably the last 3.0.x release

                                        The next release will hopefully be 3.1.x - for this next version we will drop Windows Phone 7.x support and aim to more fully support the new releases from Xamarin/Microsoft (Xamasoft...

                                          3.0.13 - pushed to nuget

                                          Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                          I've now pushed 3.0.13 to nuget :)

                                          Thanks to everyone who's contributed code, ideas and assistance - I'm well behind on badges now - so many of you are awesome! I will catch up on badges soon!

                                          Note that there are some potentially breaking changes in 3.0.13 - marked in bold in the change list be...

                                            3.0.12 pushed to MvvmCross-Binaries (not quite on Nuget yet)

                                            Martijn van Dijk · about a year ago

                                            I've just pushed build 3.0.12 to

                                            It will appear on Nuget when I can work out what's broken on (apparently this is a problem - and should be fixed tomorrow)

                                            This build is pretty similar to the 3.0....

                                              Welcome to MvvmCross

                                              Michel van den Berg · about a year ago

                                              Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for MvvmCross!